Research Paper

This is how to write an effective research paper

Research papers are common educational processes that call for an in-depth exploration of a topic. They attract the use of information obtained from sources such as books, articles, and Internet sites. Notably, personal ideas, views, and opinions are valuable in research papers. Writing research papers is not an easy task, and beginners should look out for these tips to develop a quality paper.

Scheduling Writing Time

This is one of the vital steps to writing an excellent research paper. Writing is a challenging and hectic task, and unless a person schedules time appropriately, they might fail to obtain the expected milestones and objectives. A key recommended rule is to schedule regular time blocks and always adhere to them. It helps an individual to select the best time to work on their contents.

Develop a Topic and the Research Question

After scheduling writing time, the selection of the topic through appropriate guidance from the professor is needed. The topic should be narrow and exciting to the researcher as well as the reader. Additionally, the selection of a familiar and easily understandable topic allows the researcher to have an interesting time when searching for relevant information and putting all the pieces together. Thus, the researcher must ensure that they select a fascinating topic or even an answerable question.

Begin the Research

            Upon the realization of the paper’s direction, the researcher should begin evaluating the topic. Finding a wide range of sources such as books, journals, interviews, and publications ensures that one suitable reference materials that support the topic. Some of the key issues to note when finding potential information include the date of publication and pages. Also, it is integral to strategize on putting the acquired information in their own words. It helps eliminate plagiarism which is deemed one of the severe issues in research-based contents. The researcher should reference another person’s contents accordingly.

Constructing an Outline

            It forms the structure of their paper and provides them with a practical guide. There is a dire need to highlight each section so that it can help to generate ideas and formulate a hypothesis accordingly. For example, a researcher can have key sections such as the topic of the paper, relevance, formulation of the hypothesis, results, and major findings. These sections make it easy for the reader to know what information to include under each segment. At this stage, getting ready with data sets the pace for the research paper.

First Draft

            After acquiring all the necessary information, the research should progress to the draft. Writing a draft should follow major rules such as using own words, citing sources accordingly, effective organization of information, and proofreading. While writing the draft paper, researchers should restrain themselves from integrating researched information but also incorporate their thoughts and conclusions. This way, their papers do not appear a replica of the researched contents but have an individualized perspective. Citing sources is another crucial step in the drafting stage. It helps in avoiding plagiarized contents in the final competed draft. Notably, it is advisable to have a peer proofread the draft to highlight evident mistakes that affect the delivery of the message.

Writing the Final Draft

Revision of the draft paves the way for the establishment of the final draft. Some of the essential elements to note in the final draft is the presence of a few errors, clear organization, and correct formatting. All research papers should adhere to these requirements. Also, the final paper should have a cover page with the paper’s title, student’s name, and the course information. Other essential details include page numbers and reference page containing an alphabetical organization of the utilized sources.

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